Monday, September 17, 2007

Free Beginner Projects

A bag is a good place to start:

Or maybe a pillowcase skirt:

Christmas is coming:

Everyone needs a pin cushion:

Hope these suit your budding seamstress. Happy Happy sewing to you & Gabby!
Martha is a great place for projects.


mary said...

Thanks for the great ideas. Are you on-call if we run into trouble?

cindy said...

martha is a great source!

and i bought fabric for living room curtains today!! (yay!) for only 12 dollars! quite excited. it is all in the wash right this very minute. this may be the most cost efficient curtain project i have taken on so far. :)

but a very monotonous project to do as you very well know. :)

ohh, and i found your skirt book online used for really cheap. and i found another fun book. we could go in on them together and get free shipping!

Bambi said...

Hi I saw the skirts out of pillow cases. Do you think it could be switched to a no-sew. My machine is out of commission and it looks like a great project for my girls.