Saturday, October 9, 2010

See ya later, aligator

An opportunity came up at my school & I took it! So, I now teach full time. I'm loving it, but with 4 hours less in my day, I have to let go of a few things. This means the end of this blog. At least for a while. I've enjoyed it & done it at my own pace. Thank you to everyone who has visited & taken the time to read my words. Off on my new adventure I go!!

Friday, September 10, 2010

Where I "work"

My classroom this year is sporting a snappy new paint job thanks to a few friends!
Quiet Library Corner
Circle time! Where we read stories, sing, dance, play group games & learn a lot.
Centers...Where we play!

Wednesday was the first day of school. Then, Thursday was the first day of Pre-school..& we all had a fantastic week! Teacher, students, & even my 2 middle schoolers. (Yikes!! I have 2 middle school boys!) I'm very very excited for all this year has for us. Bring on the School year!!
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Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Wanty want!!

I love Dr Seuss. I sooo want this entire fabric line!! Celebrate Seuss by Robert Kaufman! I think I need it for a school quilt!

Sunday, August 29, 2010

2 left!

If you haven't seen ~C's post about this quilt...her pictures are great!

I am so proud of this quilt! It's from Quilts, Baby! I've finally decided to abandon sewing my binding on all at once with a zig-zag, and it's made such a difference! I think this is the best binding I've ever made! I guess there is good reason to follow instructions. sometimes.
The back is just the off-white. I should have taken a picture...With the pieced binding, it really is pretty.

This leaves me with just 2 quilts in my unfinished box...And I've been working diligently on one of them all weekend.
Um...I did just sign up for & pick out my fabric to start another quilt for a quilt along. This one is to practice free-motion quilting! I am very excited!! (though with school starting in a week, free time is about to become very rare)--I'll post a link to the hostess next weekend as Ive forgotten to save it & Can not for the life of me remember which of the 300+ blogs in my bloglines it is!!grrrr.
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Friday, August 27, 2010

Blueberry Days

Sorting, measuring & storing blueberries.
Pie dough pigs.

I look forward to blueberry season every year. The last few years a dear friend & I have gone together. Its a tradition I'd like to keep. I think she drives every year, too...thanks for the ride!
Her 2 little helpers were great, too! My friends have seriously amazing, adorable kids. I enjoyed their help! The funniest joke of the morning? Putting green berries in our buckets...hilarious!
Though, maybe next year, I'll fill 2 buckets...after pies & snacks & a batch of muffins I only had 2 bags to freeze. We all love blueberries in this house.
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Monday, August 23, 2010


Not Like New Jersey!...The fabric. Stretchy, cozy, t-shirty jersey. I love it! I think I'd be pretty happy if all my clothes were knits.
So, I bought this black jersey knit skirt a year ago and I LOVE it. so cozy, so versatile! I wanted more...but no jersey skirts to be found! Enter 1/2 price Jo-Ann deals! I bought 2 yards of grey & green. traced my fave skirt & made a green jersey skirt! --Thank you walking foot and super stretch stitch!! (sewing knits is very tricky--so is cutting it for that matter! )
Here is a very unflattering picture of my new very cute skirt...I'm hoping to make 2 more...maybe I'll try a real pattern for one.Trust me, it's cute. Honest.
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Friday, August 20, 2010


Not from me...from this very cool looking shop: Imagine Childhood . I think some of my friends with little ones would really enjoy a peek around there! Right up your alley! Beautiful toys to encourage imagination & developing little minds! Go...check it out! ('cept I want to win cool new preschool toys!-I love new preschool toys)

Wednesday, August 18, 2010


White chocolate pound cake with strawberry butter cream. So yummy!
The butter cream freezes pretty well, too...this cake is glazed with the last cup from a previous batch of cupcakes.
The berries are from my sad little garden (the strawberries are the only thing not sad)
Both recipes are from The Cake Mix Doctor. As one who seems incapable of making a nice cake from scratch, this book is an absolute favorite! Every recipe starts with a box & you fix it up...always fantastic!
This frosting is a favorite...but it always turns out more like a thick glaze for me. Maybe it has something to do with my refusing to put in the entire amount of sugar. Tastes so very, very yummy no one will complain!
My sweet lunch guests didn't :)
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Sunday, August 15, 2010

When the kids are away...

My kids have been fishin'/campin' with their grandparents for a long weekend. So, My super-cool husband took the opportunity to spend some real time together! He booked us a hotel, I got to ride the light rail, I had such a fantastic time! All for a...Date day to the Seattle Art Museum! I love it!! I love the artifacts & everyday useful items as art! All the china, some centuries old furniture, church bits, antique silver, cloth, etc! I think every day items as art is such a fantastic, yet somehow obvious idea! Of course it's art, someone had an idea and executed it with their own hands! Awesome. (and, I love all the paintings, sculptures & stuff, too)
The Andy Warhol exhibit was so intriguing. Everything was stripped down & so intimate and eerie. Photo booth portraits, Polaroids, etc...Brilliant. Loved it. There was a photo booth there, but it was out of order...sad me.(only for a second!)
I loved the Kurt Kobain exhibit, too...what a diverse collection. I love being reminded that everyone expresses themselves in a different way. That we all see and process the world a little differently.

The robot was actually in the street...I like him & figured he fits the art theme. I love Seattle.
(We also spent an eve out for dinner & a movie with friends, had a sweet family to our home for dinner, I enjoyed a day all to myself...I'd say we took full advantage of our time!) I'll be so glad to have them home.
Thanks for reading me crazy long um...essay! Guess I had a lot to say.
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Thursday, August 12, 2010


Almost through my unfinished quilt box!..I've finished & delivered the baby quilt to my tiny friend. I'll post pics soon (though ~C's are so lovely!)....A side note on the above pic: That's 2 quilts on a half-price batting! Good deal!
Posted by PicasaToday, I got to spend the whole day home alone. Sweet! I get plenty of "me" time but, today was a special treat! To celebrate, I gave myself a break from quilts & made a jersey skirt. All that's left is the hem...I must say I'm pretty proud of it & have one or two more planned for the fall!
It was so nice to eat on my own schedule & finish something without being interrupted in the middle of a seam or be called for while my hands are full, etc...I'm so refreshed!

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Blackberry Season!

Hooray! I Love, LOVE blackberries. They grow like mad right in my neighborhood, too! Last night I just wandered across the street & picked the first harvest. Then, my kids did it, too! They are rarely interested in picking berries when I invite them, but the one time I don't, they really got excited! Funny boys. It wasn't much..not yet (unless you have a thorn-proof suit! Why do the very best berries grow just out of reach?) The boys enjoyed theirs with "too much" cool whip. (Too-much just means LOTS) I made mine into delicious muffins for breakfast. Though, blackberry season does mean summer's end is near. But there'll be pie soon!
My latest favorite touch for fruit muffins is to sprinle lots of vanilla sugar on top. It makes them all crunchy & yummy!
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Friday, August 6, 2010

Two down...

3 to go! The quilt box is slowly empty-ing!

The first is actually a repair job...It's one of my very first quilts. I think it's still the biggest I've ever made. It was sewed 11 years ago as a wedding gift. I didn't cut the binding on the bias & it split!! So, i took it all apart, put in new batting (i also under-quilted it o, the batting ripped & bunched), added to the backing & put on new binding! I hope it lasts another 11 years.

The Christmas quilt I made & quilted last summer...It' a hop-hop quilt. Mom & I spent 4th July weekend last year driving down the Oregon coast & she gave me all her free quilt block. I think I'll hang it by my sparkly kitchen Christmas tree.
Next of 3 over due baby quilts!
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Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Sometimes I paint

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This seems to be the summer of big projects! Last weeks project: painting my entire classroom. I have my own little building and it really was quite a job. I did have some fantastic help & support, though! A very good friend drug her 2 little ones to the paint store to act as my color consultant & another friend Came with her 4! kids every day-all day to help paint(and then on the weekend & this week, too!)! This same amazing woman has already spent countless hours sorting, cleaning, organizing all my materials, toys , and curriculum! A job that I have been in the process of for 3 years she completed in 2 months! Bring it on, September!!
I now have the most beautiful room in all the school!!
Ongoing summer project: finish all the quilts in my quilt box
This weeks project: clean out a garage
next weeks project: prep classroom for school

Monday, August 2, 2010

Floor pillow!

It's enormous...and a hit! (that's my 11 y/o pretending to sleep) The fabric was a birthday gift & I made a long, thin pillow as a seat for our fire place but it was a FAIL. No good, looked silly. So, I took it apart, folded the fabric wide & DONE! It's being used right now to play video games. I so love seeing the things I make being used. Happy me!

I really should have done a birthday post in May, too! It was such a good one, it still makes me smile! Though, I did start dying my hair...I'm just not ready for all the lovely silver hair coming in!

P.S...can you believe it's already August!! Yikes! Only 5 weeks 'till school starts!! Double yikes!!
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Wednesday, July 28, 2010

More Yellowstone!

We took ove 1,000 pictures between the 4 of us...these (this post & last) are just from ky camera so, there aren't good wildlife pics (the boys took all the good wildlife pics!) The drive was long (16hours), but my husband knows how to make those fun...books on tape, trivia, music...pleny of water/potty stops...the boys (11 &13 so no small fry here!) were crammed in the back of the truck cab & never compained! Not once. They are amazing like that sometimes! I think they had a great time! We took a week there (including a stop at the Lewis & Clark caverns on the way...amazing!) and I think my boys enjoyed the whole thing!---well, I may have over done it for them with the hot springs & mud pots etc...but, c'mon!! How awsome are they!! The earth is boiling right under your feet!!RAD!---oy...I could go on & on. but, I won't. Have a great August! Thanks for looking!
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For the enjoyment and enrichment of the people

Or...My trip to Yellowstone National Park! I LOVED this place! We saw at least 5 different bears, a coyote, herds of elk & deer & anelope & bison (oh, I love the bison!), & ground squirrels (they're a lot like prairie dogs) & all kinds of birds. We went river rafting (then out for pizza!)The Hot springs & geysers are fantastic! We must have heard 6 different languages on any one day...The very idea of standing, hiking, camping in the bowl of the worlds largest active super-volcano is so awesome!! If you have the chance..GO!! Soak it all in! (these pics don't do it justice...they're just a taste)

The thermal features are my favorite part!
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Thursday, July 22, 2010

Mission Accomplished

Time to get makin'!! (I hope)
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Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Messy, messy, messy

It looks like I've been productive...but, not really! This summer is flying by!! It hasn't been full of sewing and making but, it HAS been full of friends & family. So, really, how can I complain. AND we just get home from a week in Yellowstone National Park! I'll have to post about that soon. (my new favorite place!)
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Wednesday, June 16, 2010