Friday, August 6, 2010

Two down...

3 to go! The quilt box is slowly empty-ing!

The first is actually a repair job...It's one of my very first quilts. I think it's still the biggest I've ever made. It was sewed 11 years ago as a wedding gift. I didn't cut the binding on the bias & it split!! So, i took it all apart, put in new batting (i also under-quilted it o, the batting ripped & bunched), added to the backing & put on new binding! I hope it lasts another 11 years.

The Christmas quilt I made & quilted last summer...It' a hop-hop quilt. Mom & I spent 4th July weekend last year driving down the Oregon coast & she gave me all her free quilt block. I think I'll hang it by my sparkly kitchen Christmas tree.
Next of 3 over due baby quilts!
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