Monday, August 23, 2010


Not Like New Jersey!...The fabric. Stretchy, cozy, t-shirty jersey. I love it! I think I'd be pretty happy if all my clothes were knits.
So, I bought this black jersey knit skirt a year ago and I LOVE it. so cozy, so versatile! I wanted more...but no jersey skirts to be found! Enter 1/2 price Jo-Ann deals! I bought 2 yards of grey & green. traced my fave skirt & made a green jersey skirt! --Thank you walking foot and super stretch stitch!! (sewing knits is very tricky--so is cutting it for that matter! )
Here is a very unflattering picture of my new very cute skirt...I'm hoping to make 2 more...maybe I'll try a real pattern for one.Trust me, it's cute. Honest.
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Shalisa said...

I don't have to trust you, it's cute! It's green-I like green.