Sunday, August 15, 2010

When the kids are away...

My kids have been fishin'/campin' with their grandparents for a long weekend. So, My super-cool husband took the opportunity to spend some real time together! He booked us a hotel, I got to ride the light rail, I had such a fantastic time! All for a...Date day to the Seattle Art Museum! I love it!! I love the artifacts & everyday useful items as art! All the china, some centuries old furniture, church bits, antique silver, cloth, etc! I think every day items as art is such a fantastic, yet somehow obvious idea! Of course it's art, someone had an idea and executed it with their own hands! Awesome. (and, I love all the paintings, sculptures & stuff, too)
The Andy Warhol exhibit was so intriguing. Everything was stripped down & so intimate and eerie. Photo booth portraits, Polaroids, etc...Brilliant. Loved it. There was a photo booth there, but it was out of order...sad me.(only for a second!)
I loved the Kurt Kobain exhibit, too...what a diverse collection. I love being reminded that everyone expresses themselves in a different way. That we all see and process the world a little differently.

The robot was actually in the street...I like him & figured he fits the art theme. I love Seattle.
(We also spent an eve out for dinner & a movie with friends, had a sweet family to our home for dinner, I enjoyed a day all to myself...I'd say we took full advantage of our time!) I'll be so glad to have them home.
Thanks for reading me crazy long um...essay! Guess I had a lot to say.
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