Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Blackberry Season!

Hooray! I Love, LOVE blackberries. They grow like mad right in my neighborhood, too! Last night I just wandered across the street & picked the first harvest. Then, my kids did it, too! They are rarely interested in picking berries when I invite them, but the one time I don't, they really got excited! Funny boys. It wasn't much..not yet (unless you have a thorn-proof suit! Why do the very best berries grow just out of reach?) The boys enjoyed theirs with "too much" cool whip. (Too-much just means LOTS) I made mine into delicious muffins for breakfast. Though, blackberry season does mean summer's end is near. But there'll be pie soon!
My latest favorite touch for fruit muffins is to sprinle lots of vanilla sugar on top. It makes them all crunchy & yummy!
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