Thursday, August 12, 2010


Almost through my unfinished quilt box!..I've finished & delivered the baby quilt to my tiny friend. I'll post pics soon (though ~C's are so lovely!)....A side note on the above pic: That's 2 quilts on a half-price batting! Good deal!
Posted by PicasaToday, I got to spend the whole day home alone. Sweet! I get plenty of "me" time but, today was a special treat! To celebrate, I gave myself a break from quilts & made a jersey skirt. All that's left is the hem...I must say I'm pretty proud of it & have one or two more planned for the fall!
It was so nice to eat on my own schedule & finish something without being interrupted in the middle of a seam or be called for while my hands are full, etc...I'm so refreshed!


~C said...

LOVE it (both are amazing). Excited to see your skirt. :)

Shalisa said...

just a little jealous. ;)