Sunday, August 29, 2010

2 left!

If you haven't seen ~C's post about this quilt...her pictures are great!

I am so proud of this quilt! It's from Quilts, Baby! I've finally decided to abandon sewing my binding on all at once with a zig-zag, and it's made such a difference! I think this is the best binding I've ever made! I guess there is good reason to follow instructions. sometimes.
The back is just the off-white. I should have taken a picture...With the pieced binding, it really is pretty.

This leaves me with just 2 quilts in my unfinished box...And I've been working diligently on one of them all weekend.
Um...I did just sign up for & pick out my fabric to start another quilt for a quilt along. This one is to practice free-motion quilting! I am very excited!! (though with school starting in a week, free time is about to become very rare)--I'll post a link to the hostess next weekend as Ive forgotten to save it & Can not for the life of me remember which of the 300+ blogs in my bloglines it is!!grrrr.
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