Monday, August 2, 2010

Floor pillow!

It's enormous...and a hit! (that's my 11 y/o pretending to sleep) The fabric was a birthday gift & I made a long, thin pillow as a seat for our fire place but it was a FAIL. No good, looked silly. So, I took it apart, folded the fabric wide & DONE! It's being used right now to play video games. I so love seeing the things I make being used. Happy me!

I really should have done a birthday post in May, too! It was such a good one, it still makes me smile! Though, I did start dying my hair...I'm just not ready for all the lovely silver hair coming in!

P.S...can you believe it's already August!! Yikes! Only 5 weeks 'till school starts!! Double yikes!!
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Bambi said...

ooooh I love the fabric :) awesome job