Wednesday, July 28, 2010

More Yellowstone!

We took ove 1,000 pictures between the 4 of us...these (this post & last) are just from ky camera so, there aren't good wildlife pics (the boys took all the good wildlife pics!) The drive was long (16hours), but my husband knows how to make those fun...books on tape, trivia, music...pleny of water/potty stops...the boys (11 &13 so no small fry here!) were crammed in the back of the truck cab & never compained! Not once. They are amazing like that sometimes! I think they had a great time! We took a week there (including a stop at the Lewis & Clark caverns on the way...amazing!) and I think my boys enjoyed the whole thing!---well, I may have over done it for them with the hot springs & mud pots etc...but, c'mon!! How awsome are they!! The earth is boiling right under your feet!!RAD!---oy...I could go on & on. but, I won't. Have a great August! Thanks for looking!
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oicw65 said...

amazing vacation,,wish I could have went with you

Shalisa said...

Yellowstone is awesomeness.