Thursday, May 28, 2009

Monday was

Layout for Nephew's quilt from my Busy Little Bee blocks
1/2 a set of napkins from an Ikea duvet

Bettyninja's Busy Little Bee block (took most of the day)

Great!!! It was my birthday. And I got the whole day to myself to sew! And I did! Between visits and gifts and treats and phone calls from family and friends! I felt so loved. So very loved! My husband and boys cleaned the house and made me a tasty dinner and I wore my pajamas all day! Just what I wanted. I'm so grateful and still counting my blessings! (and counting the days till school's out*15*)

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Tomorrow's Project

Salad garden! These will grow in a container together! Fun, huh.

MMMM Strawberries! There won't be enough for pies or jam, but I'm excited!
These are pumpkins. There are dozens! The October before last, my boys & I smashed a pumpkin in the yard to see if it would grow. This year we re-seeded the lawn, so the yard has been watered every day. Apparently that is just what our smashed pumpkin seeds have been waiting for! I'm especially excited to see what these do!

Monday, May 4, 2009

Makin' an apron

So, I've been following Tie One On for EVER...I love it! all about aprons, A theme, and the gallery after time's up! RAD! I have never submitted one. Though I looove making aprons. BUT...Now's the time. The theme is Pie Makin' Apron! How perfect. (I love makin' pies!) It's not due 'till July1-I ought to be able to squeeze in sewing time for a little ole apron by then. Especially one for makin' pie in. --I'm thinking a nice sturdy one for catching all the fruit juice. (And I love Amy Karol-She's the author of Tie One On. Bend The Rules Sewing is likely my favorite craft book.)