Thursday, May 28, 2009

Monday was

Layout for Nephew's quilt from my Busy Little Bee blocks
1/2 a set of napkins from an Ikea duvet

Bettyninja's Busy Little Bee block (took most of the day)

Great!!! It was my birthday. And I got the whole day to myself to sew! And I did! Between visits and gifts and treats and phone calls from family and friends! I felt so loved. So very loved! My husband and boys cleaned the house and made me a tasty dinner and I wore my pajamas all day! Just what I wanted. I'm so grateful and still counting my blessings! (and counting the days till school's out*15*)


kimmib said...

I meant to yell happy birthday from the rooftops when you stopped by Cindy's on Monday. But I missed my chance! So HAPPY BIRTHDAY JULIAAAAAA!!!!

~C said...

what's the little bag for? love that material! good for you getting stuff done! :)