Monday, May 4, 2009

Makin' an apron

So, I've been following Tie One On for EVER...I love it! all about aprons, A theme, and the gallery after time's up! RAD! I have never submitted one. Though I looove making aprons. BUT...Now's the time. The theme is Pie Makin' Apron! How perfect. (I love makin' pies!) It's not due 'till July1-I ought to be able to squeeze in sewing time for a little ole apron by then. Especially one for makin' pie in. --I'm thinking a nice sturdy one for catching all the fruit juice. (And I love Amy Karol-She's the author of Tie One On. Bend The Rules Sewing is likely my favorite craft book.)


~C said...

ohhhh, make me one! :) just what you need to add to your project list, right?

Julia said...

I know, but how can I resist!!

bettyninja said...

Hi-- guess what? You won the yellow and blue quilt on the giveaway that I was holding!! Just shoot me an email when you get a chance at : bettywhoosh (at) gmail (dot) com with your address. Yeah!!