Tuesday, October 16, 2007

He Fixed It!

Hereis the WIP pic.


Bambi said...


cindy said...

i finally finished my stripped quilt too! :) lovely lovely. the scarf (not sure what you called it) looks good all sewn together instead of strewn on the carpet. :) very creative of you to put your scraps together like that!

.justin said...

hey susan b., nice flag!

can you sew me an american flag to hang in C3 next to the lyrics of our worship songs next?

god AND country, baby! yeah!
america and amen.

Julia said...

NO! It's peppermint stripes. Merry Christmas and tasty treats. Sew your own flag.

Jami said...

yea :)

cindy said...

you tell him julia! :)

this cracked me up. maybe he needs to see it in ALL its glory...definitely not flaggish! :)

since when does c3 need to be all patriotic??