Friday, December 28, 2007

My handmade Christmas

Gifts for the Dale clan...(bag, monkey, penguin, coasters)

Gifts for my men...(a rice bag for each, and pieces of a quilt) The boys love the rice bags. Tutorial here (of course)

I didn't get pics of the placemats and coasters I made my mom, but they're pretty.

Of course, not all of it was hand-made, that would be crazy.(but cool!)

This is what was given to me...A perfect blu&brown crochet hat, geogous wool hand bag, earrings, and the prettiest woolfelt pincushion ever! (and yummy strawberry hand-made soap, and a lavender home-made candle AND..tins of delicious home-made sweets!) THANK YOU all!!


Anonymous said...

Hey found this site and thought of you

copy and paste the site on your go button.


triciasagen said...

Your hat is sooo cute! This is my year to learn to knit and crochet and those colors have inspired me!

You made such adorable gifts-lucky family and friends!

Diane said...

Oh that bag is fabulous! Where did you get the number fabric? I love it!

Julia said...

I got the number fabric a year or two ago on They always have really fun stuff.
Thanks for your nice comments!