Friday, February 29, 2008

Library Love...

I Love to page through sewing, quilting, crafty books. I check them out in piles from the library. I use the library's website to search and hold them, so I never have to search the shelves. But...Sometimes I want to read a book that they don't have. (like...Simple Gifts to Stitch)Whatever shall I do??
I found out I have two options...BOTH I can do online! The library is so great!!
Option 1: Inter library loan. This means that Timberland will borrow the book from another library ( California) and lend it to you! It takes a few weeks for the request to be processed, but how great is that!
Option 2: Fill out a purchase request form. This is what I did. It takes two months but, if they buy the book (say...doodle stitching) they call & you get to read it first!! I'm so excited to see if they deemed my choices worthy! Then I get to check them out as much as I like.

Its super easy, You do need to know the publisher & date of the book you want (like...Last Minute Patchwork + Quilted Gifts ) From the library's homepage, click on Ask A Librarian and choose your form!!(they are listed under e-mail) Now I can see ALL the books!! I can hardly wait!!