Tuesday, March 4, 2008

My favorite toys!

A while ago, I saw the Clover "quick" yo-yo maker on someone else's blog(can't remember who). Well, I thought " that's silly yo-yos are so simple!" Naturally, I proceeded to make one. But I couldn't get it turn out right!! Stupid simple yo-yo was HARD! Of course I told my mom all about it, And the really COOL yo-yo makers I saw. Being one who has ALWAYS supported my creative endeavors, and one who loves tools and gadgets (and I'm still quite spoiled) she bought me all 4 sizes of the round ones. And I LOVE them!! (Thank you, Mom!)Then, she gave me the large flower shaped one (joy!) and, now The small flower and both sizes of heart-shaped ones!!!(unopened) I bought some fabric today just for yo-yo making! I can hardly wait to sit and stitch up piles and piles!!! I do have a small project planned for some (but what about the rest?)... if I can stop yo-yo making long enough to turn them into something! Of to stitch...

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