Thursday, August 14, 2008

Giveaway For You!

Here it is! My softie giveaway! It's the little cake from Softies! (I actually made it a while back, but it's crazy here!) I made mine chocolate. If you want it, comment here I'll send it to whoever is first!!

See the computer and tea in the background? that's my day. all day. I'm hoping to finish up my curriculum class and be done!! I'd post my final project (a pre-school curriculum about rocks) but I'm afraid it'd look boring on here. I'm excited, though!
AND...I went to the APNQ Quilt show with ~C and my mom and I'm just itching to start some new projects!! One thing at a to write about Rocks.

**Edit: YAY!Jami!! I'll bring your cake on Tues!! (Sorry ~C :( How about next time it's a drawing. ) Thanks for looking and playing!


Jami said...

so cute :)

kristi said...

cute. :)

~C said...

i think that you should make a drawing out of those that comment on this post. :)

Anonymous said...

Cute cake.

Would be only slightly cuter if edible.

Lisa @ Little Acorn said...

Your cake is SO SWEET and I love seeing it!!!

And thanks so much for the thank you card, it really made me smile!