Saturday, February 27, 2010

Just words (and a link)

I so wanted to have an adorable heart pin or two to show, or a finished quilt, or a little skirt, or some couch pillows, or anything, really! But, alas!! I have been working full days the last 4 weeksand will for at least the next two. I'm still working very hard to keep up with the housework and I must say my house is a much nicer place to be! Not at all disgusting and a bit cozy. Well worth the effort, but leaves little time to sew.

I do love my job, so that helps(I am so happy to be there!). I get so tired, though! It's exausting! My poor family!
All you moms who work full time, I admire your stamina!! Good job!!

Now, something crafty... ...checking out my bloglines today, I was lead to THIS brilliant post!! It's a seam-allowance tool!-read it! I am making one today!! Awesome.

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