Wednesday, May 28, 2008

9 days

Till summer break begins. 3 work days. 3 camping days. 2 school picnics. 1 bake sale. 1 field trip. 1-2 day (overnight) field trip. 1 bi-athalon. 1 awards night. 1 friends over for dessert. 1 birthday. 3 days cat-sitting. 1 book club meeting (it's my turn to facilitate, too) house is so messy, laundry is not done, etc. I feel overwhelmed. I think I'm not cooking dinner tomorrow.

All that aside...Z can ride his bike! R convinced him to go on a ride with him, then refused to help him start. woo-hooo! Good job boys. I'm proud of both of them.

*update: 4 days to go! camping was great, field trip was fun, bi-athalon was good, boy off safe for overnighter, I think I'll make it!


Shalisa said...

you can come to our house for dinner :)

or should we use a co op moment? I'll send you dinner if you make me muffins later in the summer!


And I was at your house yesterday and didn't think it was messy.

Julia said...

It is messy now!

Anonymous said...

should I come by and watch you clean? :)

cindy said...

hum...what can i add to this list of yours..?! :)

seriously, do you want to help teach a couple of girls how to quilt with me?? i could use an extra set of hands and a machine...just an idea! :)

miss you.