Thursday, November 13, 2008

Thankful Friday

Today I am thankful for clean water, good food, good doctors and all that I have right here daily!

I came across a post on a friend of a friend's blog that I am inspired to participate in. There are often great opportunities to sew and help others. I've chosen this one. I will create a mini 2'x2' quilt for a baby in an orphanage in Ethiopia. It's a small thing, but it will make a warm difference in a small person's life. I'm glad for the chance to help. They want to have 80 be Dec. 20. Many hands make light work! Could you chip in?

Here are the details from {B}:

If you sew or know a Sew Sister, Mom, Friend or anyone else that sews
please tell them about our contest. We will send each person that enters enough
Fabric to Make the front of a mini quilt.You may enter more than once-just let
us know how many you would like to create. You finish the quilt with your
design, creativity & details.
Mail the finished mini Quilt back by Dec.
We will be selecting several winners on Dec.31st!
First place
$100.00 gift certificate to Junk Posse

Second place $50.00 gift certificate to Junk Posse

and three runner up prizes.
Sew what are you waiting for?
Enter Today and help to give a sweet little one in Africa something to cuddle

If you are interested in being part of this, please email We are very, very excited about this project. This is a very simple do not have to be a pro-sewer to take part in this

AND...Seriously, check out Junk Posse Jewelry! beautiful!


~C said...

i'm doing the soulemama receiving blankets too! i love the idea of using thing you already have around, and the simplicity of the project sucked me in. :) glad we can make quilts for african babies together soon! :)

ps it was GOOD to see you today. :)

Bambi said...

I love the idea!