Saturday, November 22, 2008

Thankful Saturday

Today I am thankful for my children. Who are still sleeping at nearly 8 am and are off to a friend's house for the afternoon!-oh, yes I've got it good!

I still see them both as my little ones, but they are quickly growing into young men! They're good boys and I'm honored to be their mom. Even when they're making trouble I often find myself proud of them. -not for the trouble, but because I know that once corrected, they both try to take it heart and apply whatever lesson or request is being made! They're both smart, respectful and loving.
R is 11, hard working, certainly smarter than I, has a strong sense of justice and right and wrong, is loyal and caring and handsome, of course!
Z is 9, generous, sweet,and is kind to others and willing to stand up for those he feels are being treated unkindly and is also rather cute!

Maybe I should cook them a nice breakfast before I make them do chores(see how good I've got it!!)


~C said...

it was SO cute to see them pushing the boy around in his box endlessly and tirelessly! we were serious about renting them, you know. :)

Julia said...

They so love little ones! (that cute boy especially)

They are available :)Make checks payable to me!