Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Not so busy bee!

I finished Stephani's Busy Bee quilt block! Bring on January's fabric! This was so FUN! I loooove 2 color quilts-especially red & white. I'm excited to see this put together-beautiful!!

I had 5 hours all to myself yesterday that I'd planned to sew...but I watched movies, laid on the couch, and generally just rested! It was WONDERFUL!! I had a headache most of the day but, it felt kind of good-more like pressure leaving through my temples. I feel much more able to tackle the day than I have felt in weeks. ahhhhhhh. Off to enjoy a Post office tour, picnic in the park, make soup, fold a mountain of laundry, run a few errands, write up some stuff, and maybe squeeze in a minute to work on a project! Bring on the day!


~C said...

good for you julia. :) we could always sew on thursday if you want, or just be lazy and get coffee (tea!) and catch up. you know me, down for whatever. glad you got some rest. you're a busy girl!

Shalisa said...

Yeah for pressure release!