Thursday, March 5, 2009

more bee blocks

In a little hurry, I've got some tidying and shopping to do in preparation for a certain boy's 12th birthday party (smelly boy sleepover tomorrow!)So quick pics today! I am hoping to sneak in sewing tomorrow while the boys party down with the wii and movies all night!-they won't need me :)


Shalisa said...

I love them. All of them. So if I give you some fabric, will you make me some cute little quilt blocks too? :)

Hope the sleepover is a smashing hit. And hope it's not TOO smelly. If James needs any help refereeing, I volunteer Ryan. I'm sure he can fart on their heads and keep them in check.

cathy gaubert said...

oh my gosh, the blocks are so cool! i love the checkerboard action going on!!! :)

urban craft said...

Great blocks. I plan on getting into quilting one day. Great ideas! Thanks!

Anonymous said...

Love the top blocks! Are you in Seattle?

If you ever want to do a swap for that checkerboard type fabric with the dots in the first blocks, I would love some bits! I'm always looking for it.