Monday, February 23, 2009

Playing catch-up

Last week was mid-winter break, so I had a 3 day cleaning marathon and now my house looks like it did before except no dust and fewer cobwebs. oh, well. It felt good to get it all done. I hardly sewed a stitch...working away on my busy bee blocks when I get a minute to sew...I've (as always) a few other things finishing up and the ever growing list of things I'd love to make.

I also saw Coraline last week...I loved it! I'd see it again! It's a little lovely, a little creepy, a little reminiscent of good old Alice...right up my alley!


Shalisa said...

dusting is so overated ;)

James D said...

dusting is hot.

Julia said...

I think I dust once a year!