Monday, February 16, 2009

Latest bee blocks

They aren't quite what I'd pictured, but I'm pretty pleased. After finishing these, my head started popping with ideas for rainbowy blocks (that's what Sarah asked for for her Busy Little Quilting Bee blocks; fun huh!) Things like a red circle surrounded by the other colors, or a pinwheel or stripes on point or overlapping shapes in different colors or a small color wheel...maybe I'll have time to try one more...I like my "new" ideas better than what I did.

I've still got 3 packs of fabric to sew & send out for the bee! They are all calling to me!!


kristin at said...

ahh! you can imagine i love these!

just started reading, i'll go do more now. : )

Anonymous said...

These are lovely! I especially love the block one.