Saturday, July 11, 2009


Sold out show at the Clark County Fairgrounds on Friday. So great!! And I decided Will the drummer is my favorite band member!

The weather was perfect! It looked like rain to the left. It looked like rain to the right. But it didn't rain on the amphitheatre!!

Our spot was very near the center. Great view. The lights and video were great! The performance was so good!
They did a great job keeping the audience engaged and made it feel like they were playing for you!--Right down to thanking the crowd for giving them our Friday night!! So fun.
There were 2 mini stages! one in the back of the seating and one in the front of the lawn.--this pic is our view when they played on the lawn! I love the close to stage stuff! James pulled me at a run to get such a great spot! and the crowd was pretty considerate of every one's space-considering!
Highlight--Being 8 or so people back from the stage for an acoustic cover of "Billie Jean". Awesome!!

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Anonymous said...

I'm sooooo jealous!! you should have taken me with you! DUH! :)