Wednesday, July 29, 2009

It's hot here!

This week has been crazy hot!!-We broke 100 yesterday and all the chocolate chips melted in my cupboard!
It's supposed to be over 100 today and tomorrow, too! Yikes. I've been making ice as fast as the water will freeze, I put 2 quilts and all the rice bags I could find in the freezer. And we have plans to swim later then, have dinner with friends who have air conditioning AND live on a lake(actually it's BBQ night for our small group, but the timing is perfect!)

But what about dinner tomorrow?? No way am I turning on the stove! How about grilled pizza?

heat up some super hot coals, clean & oil your grill rack.
Roll your dough out thin(1/4 inch)-keep it personal pizza size.(I kept each one on a floured piece of wax paper)
brush one side with olive oil-grill oiled side just a few minutes-keep a close eye, it goes fast-oil the uncooked side of dough.
flip the crust onto a cookie sheet grilled side up.
cover thinly with sauce, cheese and toppings.
carefully slide pizza back onto the grill until bottom of crust is cooked.
move pizza to indirect heat to finish melting the cheese and warming the toppings.
repeat for remaining pizzas
Sooo GOOD! We did this on Friday and Monday and will be having this one more time this week!

Drink lots of water! Stay in the shade! Have a great day!


Shalisa said...

That's what we were going to have tonight! :) Your pizza looks scrumptious!

Anonymous said...

We make these all the time! Thanks to Trader Joes crust its become even easier.