Thursday, August 13, 2009

Busy Little Quilting Bee. The end.

So, these are the last blocks for the last person for the Busy Little Quilting Bee. I've completely enjoyed this game!! And I got to make a lot of quilt blocks that were hidden away in my head for later! Like these! I saw a quilt once in a shop made of similar blocks and have wanted to replicate it I have!!

And This is my Quilt! It is so perfect!! (ok, plenty of flaws, but I won't mention those!) Just what I envisioned!! I really really hope my nephew loves it!-The back has some skull & cross bone fleece and some red fleece pieced..shoulda had a pic-oh well! I really think it is one of the best I've made!--And I love that 16 different women all over the country had a hand in it! So rad!!

So, that's it. the end of this sewing adventure. Now I'm off to finish the 3 other quilts I have in various states of progress. Hopefully sometime before the end of the decade!(or2)


Shannon said...

Oh my goodness!! Totally lovely! Thank you, thank you! And your quilt turned out gorgeous!!! It was such a fun adventure, wasn't it?

~C said...

i love the circle squares! what is the leaf print? or who makes it?? very cute. your quilt for that lucky boy turned out so great. :) i love it. go you for finishing all your projects (or attempting to do so!) very motivating.

ps thanks for joining me last night. so much more fun. :)

urban craft said...

I am all over this quilt your made for your nephew. perfect for any boy. It's kinda hard to find quilts for boys that aren't a little girly. I love it!

cathy gaubert said...

the quilt is amazing! i have had such a fun time, too, and my girls have loved finding the spot on the map where each block came from. now i just need to get myself to a post office to send off the rest of the blocks that i have caught up on. :)