Thursday, August 20, 2009

My Summer Vacation

This summer has been full and busy! We've done so many fun things (visit friends, zoo, drive-in, swimming, sleepovers...) A few useful things (huge workday at school, fund-raisers, yard sale...) And some things we did not do nearly enough ( hang at my mom's, have friends over for dinner, freeze pies, go camping...) But, I think I'm satisfied. Maybe this fall and winter things'll slow down just a little...but not likely...these boys keep me hopping.

In crafty news...I really wanted to try batiking fabric this summer. I have a 70's craft book with a couple cute batik dolls in it. I want to make them! School starts in just 2 weeks! That means Back to work for me! I wonder if I can still squeeze it in. Maybe.

I want to rearrange and maybe paint the boys room before school starts, too. It's gotten a little scary in there! And crowded. Time for stuff to go.

AND...I have TWO quilts that are so close to being finished! Oh Summer, where did you go?!

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