Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Found it!

I found my camera! Hooray!!--And I didn't even have to clean my house!!

But I did have a house full of kids... who worked on building a fort in the back yard! Rad!!(between playing video games & watching movies. They'll miss the summer so!!)

While I tried to work on lesson plans. If I focused & wrote things down all at once & stayed on task I'd probably be planned for half the year already!! But I did get some practice sheets printed, folders & name cards labeled & uh...thought about stuff. (Stuff like "I really like turquoise" & "birds are nice" & "I wish the library didn't limit book holds to 25!!"--Yep, just like my students.)

I also Baked!!--I made 2 cakes for our church potluck on Sunday & by the time I got there--They were only crumbs!! I was sad. So, i re-made one today YUMMMM!! Chocolate bunt cake with chocolate glaze & sprinkles. I think it looks like a giant donut!!

AND...I finally picked some blackberries. Muffins for breakfast, anyone?


Bambi said...

doughnut uuuuuuuuhhhhhhh

Sarah H. said...

I am so hungry now...thanks a lot Julia

~C said...

i want muffins. oh and that big donut. hum....

Anonymous said...

Any cake left? You can bring some my way.