Saturday, September 12, 2009

Summer's End

The 10 Year old lost a tooth on the trail while taking a sip from his water! It's been wiggly for a couple months.

The first week of school was a raving success for my pre-school classes AND my boys! Old friends, new friends, field trips, new shoes, fresh school supplies, the comfortable & familiar routine. I do love it. (I think the kids all do, too!)
This week, the summer seems to be giving us one last hurrah! (90 yesterday, 85 today!) So, we headed out to do some family hiking! It was so nice to be out in the woods together! We spotted tons of mushrooms that I photographed so I can identify them later! (I love mushrooms!--It's fun to be able to tell what things are outside!)
I'm excited for the fall & winter seasons AND...The holidays!! I'll take the sun while it's here, but when the rain comes, I'll be ready with blanket and book in hand!


~C said...

what's up with the socks? you let him out of the house looking like that? hahah

Julia said...

Nice, yes!?