Sunday, January 3, 2010

Goodbye Holidays

I love Christmas time so! And it lasts for such a long time that I always feel a bit let down when New Years comes and it's time to put Christmas away. That's what keeps it special.(putting it all away is so much work, too!)

These are some of the gifts I made this year. Several were completed the day before they were opened, of course and some you've already seen. I think the recipients were all very happy! (not pictured:one more cupcake skirt, a pretty bag, cute potholders, and a set of ugly but sentimental napkins, and 6 gift baskets of snacks each including a mix CD of Chrismas songs, or a DVD of family photos made by my love)I wanted to make lots more, but had to get realistic and let it go.


Shalisa said...

The axe is AWESOME!

Anonymous said...

Love the ax

Sarah said...

R.I.P X-mas 2009

Shawna Marie said...

LOVE that apron! And the Axe is rad.