Monday, January 18, 2010

Sometimes I Clean

But not often enough...So, I'm putting aside my needles & thread while I beat this house into submission with duster & vacuum. All corners will be scrubbed and all closets will be sorted!
I'm calling it "Clean House 2010" There are many lists and a scheduled plan! Week 1-master bedroom-was already a success!(We even painted it "herb tea"-after 4 other color tries) Next up--a 2 week plan to clean the kitchen. (I'd show before & after pics, but then you'd see just how dirty it is!)


~C said...

LOVE the color julia! and super cute shelf! go you! i think you should keep on painting and do your kitchen in the red you want! by the time you get to it i'll be able to help. :)

Shalisa said...

Love the color! And I agree with Cindy about the kitchen and I'm game for painting.

Julia said...

Thanks! We will be painting the kitchen, but not 'till April or June. Clean first!!