Tuesday, November 6, 2007

I love lists

Christmas is coming!! Time to make lists! lots of lists. Wish lists, gift lists, baking lists, crafting lists, address lists, shopping lists, chore lists, party lists, and so on! First list, though...Thanksgiving pie list!! Wanna see?

1 blackberry

1 peach vanilla

1 blueberry

1 pecan

3 pumpkin (1 sugar-free, 1 with fresh pumpkin)

1 apple (maybe)

first three are in the freezer now! Check, check, check!


beauty school drop out said...

wow that is great.

peach van sounds good.

anita said...

I am SO glad you blog. There is a whole side of you I'd never know about if you didn't. Your pies look and sound delicious!

kristi said...

That is a lot of pies!

I agree that peach vanilla sounds really yummy. :)

Water Buffalo said...

My gosh woman you have been busy! and sounds like you will be busy:) I love lists too!!! I make lists for fun when I am bored

Julia said...

We have like 20 people for Thanksgiving! Those folks need pie!I love my family.(and I made the fruit pies this summer when it was fresh and cheap!)

Bambi said...

Pie pie pie I love me some fresh pie. I need to find the lyrics to that song!