Monday, November 12, 2007

Pretty Fall Bag

Charming Handbag from "Bend the Rules Sewing". Finished on Monday! Very simple pattern, though I had to figure out the handle dimentions 'cause the pattern didn't list it. It was an easy figure, though! This is some of my Favorite pretty! Can you see the snap? The bibs have snaps, too. I don't know why I didn't buy/use a snap press a LONG time ago. I loveit! 8 bucks well spent.
*edit* For the casings I cut 2- 2" x 6 1/2" strips, for the handle I cut 1- 2" x 26 1/2" strip (or you could piece 2- 13" strips)
**edit** Oh yeah...Don't forget to clip the curves before you turn it right-way out(otherwise you have to turn it back and do it, then turn it right again. )


cindy said...

where did you get your "snapper" at?? AND--we should make our bag on sunday because i have to take my diabetes test AGAIN (ugh) tomorrow.

LOVE the bag. think i may try it w/some fabric i have left over...might call you to see what you did for the handles.

Cindy K said...

Great Bag! If I keep checking your blog, I may just start to feel guilty enough to start sewing again, instead of just talking about it. I have lots of snaps, if you need them.

Julia said...

You have lots of everything sewy!