Friday, June 20, 2008

EEEWWW! Whatis it?

This first bug is scary. It's hard to see in my picture, but it has this long needle thing sticking out it's behind. The boys and I saw it on our very long walk Thursday.(I have a blister on my baby toe. ow) To me it looks like some kind of mutant killer flying ant warrior. yuck.
This is a bunch of ants taking a dried up worm home for supper. They were working so hard and making slow progress. I'm sure more help was on the way. Gross, but fascinating.


anita said...

Hey, I saw you walking!!

Shalisa said...

Ok the worm is gross, though the ants impressive.

Your bug is an Ichneumons. They are in the wasp family, though it's long "stinger" is actually an egg depositer where it shoots eggs into dead wood and such. I read that they are non stinging, except for one particular variety.

Julia said...

Thanks, Shalisa! I wondered if the scary stinger was actualy an egg depositer like crickets, but it looked too much like a scary stingy ant mutant.

cindy said...


seriously julia...did you have to share??


French Knots said...

That first one looks awful, even if it's not a stinger on the back!

Anonymous said...

shoot sweetie did the ant coming after me freak you out?

Amazing_Grace said...

That first bug is totally wild looking! Thanks for sharing. :)