Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Stupid Iron

I have 4 nephews. They are all great little men. I've only made a quilt for one. The other 3 obviously are in dire need of quilts. So, I decided this minth, I will get them done. I would have the first top finished tonight BUT...I burnt up my iron! It will not heat up! I am marching myself directly to Wal*mrt first thing tomorrow to buy a new iron that will heat up. Then, I will finish top#1 and cut the fabric for #2. Both I could do tonight if my dumb iron didn't quit. Poor me.
*The scetch for the red cross quilt is a copy of a lovely flannel quilt seen at Sugar City Journal.Blogspot It is so perfect for my eldest nephew.


mary said...

You should have called. My iron is lonely sitting in the front closet waiting for some action. I would have run it over to you.

cindy said...

i've been waiting for you to use up that fun polka dot material!! those are some lucky boys to have such a nice aunt! :) sewing things is the best for gifts i've decided. you can make it so personal. how fun for those boys to get something that you know they'd love. :)

Anonymous said...

You should have put a Rowenta on your Birthday list.

cind said...

what's a rowenta?? i'm curious! :)

is anonymous your mother?? you're so spoiled you know!

:) but then you always share...so i guess i'm not complaining!

Julia said...

I am spoiled. I learned the sharing from my mom. I'm not very good at it sometimes, though! Rowenta is a very nice brand.