Sunday, June 22, 2008


Have you visited Flickr? It's a photo sharing/storing sight("community"). I love to browse around there. One of my favorite games is to use the search and type in quilt or sew with a color or noun like ... sew turtle or...bird quilt! There are some great hand-made things out there! very inspiring.
Moving on: I couldn't sleep last night so I started myself a flickr account. I think I set it to private, though. so you can't look at it "till I figure out how to change that! I am no photographer and it shows, but it's fun to display and write notes on all my project pictures. I'm not sure if I'll maintain it for long, but I'm enjoying it today!

*Edit: I think you can see!!

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anita said...

I love flickr. that's where I get most of my blog pictures from...unless it's obvious that I took them pictures of the grandkids, etc. Your quilts are awesome!!