Tuesday, July 15, 2008

sometimes I don't sew

What no pics of finished projects? That's right. My life is full of other things and my quilts-in progress are still in progress. Ah well, I'll get there. Soon, I hope because My list of things I'd like to make is growing!! I started my Christmas gift making list the other day, too.(because it's time to think if such things!) Maybe Thursday or next week or next year at this rate! I could show you all the beautiful new fabric and books I've been given and bought since May...but, I must make breakfast for my hungry boys.

Over at Old Red Barn she is offering another gorgeous quilt for a drawing. It really is beautiful! go look!


Dana said...

Thanks for the mention!

anita said...

can i give you my Christmas list and you can work on it, too?

A Project Here...A Project There said...

i bet your new book is helping with your xmas list, isn't it?

ps...guess who?