Friday, July 18, 2008

Tuesday's story/art time was fun! I think I miss school a little. I love circle time. And art.

I tried to make the paint textured by adding things like salt, glitter and coffee to the paint. Salt made the paint curdle. ew(but cool) the glitter didn't show, but coffee in the brown paint is fuzzy looking! yay (I knew the coffee worked, 'cause I've done it before)

and...I made a card today!

mine is the small one. It's Dorian the Dog from my new Softies Kit! I think he's cute.


~C said...

he's very cute!! :)

Shalisa said...

Ah...we missed out on Tuesday :( Darn cavities and dental appointments. Ach! Have you done salt paintings? You sprinkle the salt on the painting. It's pretty cool.

Julia said...

Yes, I've done that! It looks nice. I thought if I mixed the salt in it would make cool gritty paint. but, it looked funky and gluey.

Audrey said...

Cute card. Both of my girls enjoy card making. They are both gone for the summer and I miss them. We can spend hours with "junk" all over my kitchen table as we create materpieces :)

~C said...

check out soulemama's tutorial on her little "gratitude wrap". Looks easy and such a cute little gift idea! i think i'm going to make up a bunch just to have on hand.
also noticed sew, mama, sew has a cool looking tutorial on portable cushions...i should probably finish my couch ones before i move on to those, but they would be so fun!
batman was fun (and scary)! glad we all went out. i hope you can join the sweat shop tomorrow! :)

calamitykim said...

really very,very cute! hey thanks for stopping by my blog! who are you at Flickr? make me a contact!
:) kim