Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Why am I up so late?

To mend these shorts before ~C!! I win! HAHA I would never mend them except...I HAD to. He complained that I never do any sewing for him, and in front of dear friends(her he complained too, poor guy)! So, because I am a rad wife (and my dear friend is taunting me) I fixed them just now! Before you!!

Huge rip. So huge, I had to put some other fabric behind it to fix it. Lots of other fun sewing has been happening...Nearly half finished quilting a nephew quilt, chose a softie, pieced some blocks from old pants(RAD old pants, I'll show soon!) AND...baking! 3 batches of muffins today that I'll freeze after breakfast! and tomorrow I freeze up my first 2 Thanksgiving pies!(blueberry and peach-raspberry!) YAY!!!


~C said...

shhhh don't tell...i don't want him catching wind of this! :) go you though, i'm only a little bitter. deep down inside. :) maybe i'll work on those tonight...hum...

emilie18 said...

of course I'll be at church!
Mmmm you should bring some muffins to church ;)