Wednesday, September 3, 2008

First day of school

And I am BEAT! (I teach pre-k 4&5yrs and Pre-school 3&4 yrs)My class this year is so sweet, and I love them already! (of course! cuties!)
Now, I get to do it again tomorrow! Two first days in a row is exhausting...I am looking forward to Monday when we'll all know each other a bit and have an idea about the routine. Whew!! I'm already planning a long sleep in on Saturday. Off to cook dinner and crash out!

My own boys had good first day too! They were is such good moods when I picked them up!!

First day part 2; My little ones are so very cute, too! And busy. Whew! Catch-phrase of the day: "Shouting is not sharing" (sharing is hard. and sitting still and using a chair(only required at snack) and lining up and waitingfor your turn) Whew! (but no fussers!)I think these guys'll catch on quick!


James D said...

you are the best

~C said...

and how i'm going to miss you having your days off! :(

glad it went well!

Julia said...

I will miss me having days off, too!! I'm tired already!

Bambi said...

Yay! for the beginning of good things!