Friday, December 19, 2008

Sad or Glad?

No school again today!! So, this year Christmas break will be 3 weeks! yay sew!

My kiddos had a blast sledding all afternoon at their cousins and stayed over! fun! hot cocoa for them when they get home!

niece's b-day tonight!


No school all week also means no pre-school! no pre-school Christmas party. no gifts crafted for their parents, no stories or art or painting the snow or poems recited. I miss the little turkeys!! I may just have our little festivities after the new year! Poor little guys!

They also canceled the school's Christmas program! (it was right to do it, no school=no practice) but I love it & was especially excited for this year because my son & nephew each had lines, Nephew & other son learned instruments with their class to play & little nephew had a special song to sing with the Kindergarten (who I had last year)


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~C said... get to sew!! so glad you guys came over last night. it was fun to hang out. see you tuesday! :)