Saturday, December 27, 2008

Still Christmasing!!

Christmas always lasts for DAYS for my little family! This year we are working on 3 (with a 1 day break in between 1 &2) --3 days of takes even more to prepare! Good thing I love that part too! Both family Christmas celebrations this year were really good. Long, special, fun, somber, busy, restful, etc...fulfilling overall! As for material gifts...both simple and extravagant. A lovely balance for the most part! I'm feeling VERY spoiled! Tomorrow is one more family gathering! The ENTIRE clan will be together. (Just one missing at Christmas today!) I'm very excited for pics!!!

Speaking of pics Here are some of the things I made for gifts!!!

Drawstring bag to hold felt board pieces! (made 2-from Aronzi Aronzo Cute Stuff)
Cloth napkins for my hostess SIL!--these are already on my Christmas sewing list for '09!

And a decorated journal for my artsy SIL! (from Last Minute Patchwork and Quilted Gifts)
Not pictured...Pillow & mini quilt from Cool boat pants my Daddy made, 2 little apron & oven mitt sets, 3 crochet washcloths, and still unfinished ...A set of 7 embroidered tea towels that I hope to finish by the new year! Whew! I'm hoping to sneak one more lazy go nowhere day before school starts again!
I hope your celebrations were joyful and togethery! Merry Christmas!

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~C said...

i love that you did the notebook from our book. i might try that for a gift i have to make for a xmas exchange still coming up! :) thanks for the inspiration.

love the felt baggy AND the napkins. i think i need more cloth napkins, especially reversible and squarish...maybe with some hidden ric-rack trim poking out through the sides?? hum...what fabric should i order for that? (SO addicted!!)