Friday, October 9, 2009

On my mind today...

I'm currently thinking about 2 things more than anything else...people(good! yay friends & family-I'm conviced I have the best of both! & bad! Boo mean people. boo) and HOLIDAY SEASON!! Hooray!
With Halloween just around the corner and Thanksgiving right after, I've got Christmas on the brain. Big time!! I can hardly wait to dig out my boxes at home & put up the little tree at school. I've been watching Christmas movies & listening to Christmas music for a month now. With all the holidays coming up so quickly, I think it's List Time!! Today's list is:

Gifts To Make
  • 2 sock monkeys
  • 10 ornaments for a swap!
  • 15 ornaments for friends & family
  • 2 little skirts with tulle (maybe 3)
  • a little Bleu stocking (almost finished)
  • fabric bowl
  • a set of coasters
  • another felt board (so fun last year...I know another little one who needs one!)
  • tote bag
  • 2 super-hero bath towels (again, maybe 3-I know lots of great litte kids!)
  • a set of garden stakes
  • fingerless gloves
  • 2 pair pajama pants
  • little pink bunny hat

Whew! I have a head start...there is a small pile of finished gifts stashed away but, I better keep busy! I think I'll sew today & clean the house next week!


beauty school drop out said...

That skirt is super cute. I was going to make tutu's for N's friends. Now I think that skirt is calling my name how easy.

Thank you for posting the link to it.

~C said...

go you! the super hero towel is such a fun idea. easy too. finally got the to draw names now too so i'm hoping to get things more squared away when people get back to me on ideas. :) yay for tuesdays!