Friday, October 2, 2009

Today I...

Met a bear saw a show at the theater

Administered first aid for a construction accident ("I didn't see that the saw was coming right at me!! I just need to rest.")
Cleaned a kitchen after being served a gourmet meal. (I'm not sure they're up to code but, the waiter was cute.)
Went to the jeweler's. (Fancy!!)
Took an exotic pet for a walk in his custom collar. (from the jewelers)
Did some studying (about bears-which I learned ARE real, but don't live under the stairs)
Played with my friends. (at the zoo, washed bugs out of our hair, discussed theology, danced, made noise, sat down together...)
Had a snack.

And saw some treasures! Then, I went home to plan another week! whew.

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Bambi said...

I love it! What an adventurer you are:D